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Our Values

God Reliance

We subject our lives to the truth of Scripture, and we rely on God through prayer. God provides what is necessary to carry out world evangelization. While only God can save, we speak His words and reflect His love.



Jesus said to wait for the Holy Spirit to come before going out to fulfill the great task He gave us. We recognize our need of His conviction, His gifts, His fruit, His prayers, His counsel, and His power to be able to take the Good News to all nations. We strive to live out Ephesians 5:18, “being filled” always with His Spirit, putting off our old man and putting on the new, not grieving the Holy Spirit but ministering in His power

Church Focus

Our work is focused on the church from beginning to end. We engage existing churches in cooperative efforts to establish new churches worldwide.

Zealous Work

Because lost people matter to God, they matter to us. We go to serve, not to be served. We work to preach the Gospel because we have been commanded to do so and because people’s ultimate need is to find eternal life through a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

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