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I COULD NOT HAVE ACCOMPLISHED ANYTHING IF… The Lord would not have given me wisdom, health, faith, compassion for the lost, a godly wife, and a brave team of brothers and sisters who loved Jesus, loved and had a lot of patience with me. Many times I made stupid mistakes because of pride, stubbornness, selfishness, and rebellion; however my Lord Jesus Christ, my wife Gina and my Christian family forgave me and lifted me up when got frustrated. They had believed that though sometimes I was immature and self-centered I was called by God to serve in His church and proclaim His words.

The Lord had raised intercessors to pray for me and Gina in our journey as pastors and missionaries. I thank the Lord for Conceição Cordeiro, Maria do Carmo, Ilda, Maria Jose, Eduardo, and Amanda, Rosane and Bernard Stephenson, Willian and Linda Etzkorn, and many others that I might never know until I get to heaven, who have Always  battle in prayer on our behalf.

The leaders of churches in Ontario: Ubirajara da Silva, Joaquim dos Santos, Edgar Lima, Carlos Lana, Lincoln Rezende, Ceny Tavares, Wagner Reis, João Duarte, Nazareth, Natalia, Hank Kanters, Dine Lota, Isaac Amorin, Walter Mathew, Antony Danbrosky ...

My friends and counselors: Andy and Sylvia Lawrance, Alan Wiseman, Ron Morin, Glenn Renison and Bernard Stephenson.

The team of Colheita News: my wife Gina, Eduardo and Marlene Fernandes, Paulo and Sandra Gonçalves, William and Dayse Dias. For many years they helped to publish and to distribute thousands of gospel messages through the News Paper in southern Ontario.

The members of Mahanaim Christian Fellowship, church that I started in 1995 who were faithful in the ministry, helping to preach the gospel for the Luso-Brazilian community in Toronto and also broadcasting the gospel message on television through commercials of the Jesus Film on CFMT channel 47 in Toronto: Rubens and Sarah, Sergio and Dorinha, Murilo, Maristela, Darcy and Eva, William and Vera, Dalva, Dunia, Ana, Tina, Mirim and Rosane, David Laitman, João and Heliane, Rui and Elaine, Rinaldo and Nelly. Also Tony Gentilluti, Paradiso and Campus Crusade for Christ for the legal procedures to place the film Jesus on the air.

The members of Foursquare Church, where I pastored for many years. They helped to build three places of worship in India being generous in their offerings: my son Rodrigo and Tiffany, Fabian and Nancy, Joseph and Alice, Magda Czyz, John Koole,  Cindy, Lynda, Taylor, Jessica, Shari, Peter and Rebekah, Bela, Liliana, Marcos and Sandy, Fernando and Elizabeth Leal, Jack and Ramalah, Marcos and Angela,  Deogracias and Nerissa Dador, Jackson and Candida, Angelo, Conceição Silveira …

The members of Harvest for Christ in Cambridge that supported for years Iris ministry in Mozambique, Eurovangelism, Teen Challenge, Faith FM, Wycliffe Bible Translation and Evangelical Tract. They also were very faithful in their prayers every day and in many vigils through the years: Conceição, Ana Alves, João and Ninita, Maria José, Gilda, Eliza, Eduardo and Amanda, Eduarda, Ilda, Joana, Edite, Maria do Carmo, Manuel and Maria Costa …

Lorena Costa and sister Izaltina Veiga, who were instruments for us to bring  the gospel at Hill Top nursing home for 15 years in Cambridge. 

Faith FM radio station in Kitchener who gave me three hours per week to proclaim the Lord’s message for 16 years in English and Portuguese: Dave Macdonald, Tania, Brad, Josh and others part of that ministry.

The many partners in Brazil that support and pray for me: Paulo Ventura and the members of Full Gospel, missionary Pedro Lima and his great love for us, Roberto Moreira and the ministry Way of Grace, Welly Sierra and Dream of God ministry, Rilton and the team from New Life Ministry …

Methodist Wesleyan Church who had sent pastor Herculano and his wife Manuela to keep the work in Graciosa Island: Bispo Geraldo Rodrigues, Bispo Calegary, pastor Moises Aguiar and pastor Pizano.


Pastor Paulo Barata, Pastor Carlos, Ilberto and Catarina, brother João and Roberto and their ministry in Terceira and Graciosa Island, Azores who prepared the ground for me to plant the present first evangelical church in Graciosa.

Pastor Emmanuel from Florida who has been a warrior for the evangelization of Azores Island.

Again I thank the Lord for my wife Gina, who has been a faithful servant of Christ and a helper to me since we met each other more than 30 years ago.

I thank the Lord for His protection over my children Michelle, Rodrigo and Danielle. He had prospered them, spoken to each one of them and made the gospel known to them. He gave us three beautiful grandchildren Ana Clara, Gabriel and Matheus (so far).

I thank Jesus that He saved my mother, my father and my brother Joseph before their death.


For sure I have missed names that I don’t remember right now, forgive me for that.  But if you are the one whom I have missed, email me (  and I will be glad to place your name on the list above. 

“To the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power, and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen.” Jude 1: 25

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