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"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32 

The Two White Horses of Revelation


In this study, my goal is to look at John's disclosures of end-time prophetic events, focusing on John’s visions of two white horses and their horsemen, which begins in chapter six of Revelation and, ends on chapter twenty.

These two persons will unfold the last chapters of human history, which will lead up to the sabbatical millennium on this planet.

No matter how difficult to teach about the theme, the Scriptures consider the subject of extreme relevance in most of its books; therefore, we should study it with an open heart and mind, to avoid both extremes.

The last 70 years of the 20th century saw the biggest increase in the world's population in human history.





What gives assurance to appoint a person as a minister, elder or deacon in a Christian assembly?

The church that fights for two causes: To keep the Word of Christ and to be a faithful witness.

For those who don’t know, crucifixion in the first century was capital punishment to convicted criminals.

In order to humanity figure out God’s redemptive plan, he ensured that Christians could understand their spiritual conditions prior conversion: “they were spiritually dead.”

Do your know God? Do you worship Him? I am talking about the true God, who created heavens and earth.

Authentic money is made from cotton and linen fibers. This differs significantly from normal paper, which is made from trees. ...

 In the gospels and in almost all the epistles, there are always warnings from Jesus and the apostles against spiritual deception.

In New Year’s Eve of 1998 I got home 1:30 AM. When I listened to my messages in my answering machine that was a mother screaming for help. ...

Some true Bible believers supported their denominations for generations and in faithfulness gave their tithes and offerings to build church buildings, maintain pastors, build schools and hospitals, ...

Humanity has been always witnessing wars, revolutions, injustice, wickedness, betrayals and countless forms of atrocities happening all the time in the whole world.

Why does LGBTQ have so much power in the world?

David is known in Scripture as a worshiper, poet, prophet, and the greatest king in the history of Israel. However, shortcomings went further than the adultery and murder narrated..


Have you ever noticed when visiting a church, the presence of some people, welcoming you with a smile and a handshake? Occasionally, some are unknown to many, but lonely they are repairing the church’s roof...

Worship Services

Why in our days are many Christians avoiding eschatology?

Misinterpretations (heresies of false teachers)

The overwhelming and unattractive content of it for contemporary theologians...

Road Crossing
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